Terms and conditions

The course features correspond to the content description, as detailed on www.photoclasses.eu

The courses are private and are not academically recognised, and thus have no official nor professional certificate of attendance.

The courses are given in English (by a non-native speaker).

All of our courses are personalised according to the subject matter and group level. Occasionally we have to adapt to diverse circumstances including the availability of models (for monographic courses), shooting locations and classrooms, etc. For this reason, we reserve the right to make changes to the programmed curriculum, adapting it to each situation.

Courses can be cancelled by students up to15 days before the programmed date. In such cases, the signup fee will be returned. If cancellation takes place within 15 days of the course date, the signup fee will not be returned.

Each class is unique, therefore if one is missed by a student, it will be considered lost, without the right to any money back. Student absenteeism causes disruption in course methodology; therefore we are not responsible for it not being a success. Nevertheless, it is possible to recuperate classes in the following ways:

  • Recuperating missed classes by private tuition at special prices
  • When possible, and parallel to other courses, classes can be recuperated for free by joining other existing groups.

In case of a prolonged sickness, the student will not lose the course. His/her place will be reserved for the next available course.

In case of teacher sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, course organizers will seek an alternative solution, without disregard to course quality because of the changes. If the course has to be cancelled indefinitely, all fees will be returned.

If the organizer has to cancel the course once it has started, participants will be refunded for the proportion of the course that was not carried out, without any other compensation.

The organizer is not responsible for any damages incurred (material or personal) while undertaking a course.

Photo shoot practical exercises  are carried out in the open air. If weather conditions do not allow for outdoor photo shoots on the appointed day, the session will be postponed, without the need for compensation.